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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Legendary Fish Photographer Joins Our Team!

Bluegills under dock (c)Doug Stamm

Engbretson Underwater Photography is honored to now be representing the work of Award-winning photographer Doug Stamm.  Best known for his action close-ups of fighting game fish and attractive scenes of people fishing lakes, streams and rivers, it’s Doug’s amazing underwater images that have mesmerized me for over 30 years. 
Doug’s underwater pictures were the first I’d ever seen of native freshwater fish in their natural habitat.  Watching Jacques Cousteau on TV was one thing, but here were pictures of bass and sunfish…. the fish I knew and fished for all my life.  To see them for the first time in their spectacular underwater world was captivating.  Doug was an instant hero to me. 
As a former aquatic biologist, Doug became the most published photographer in the country of fish and sport fishing images.  Many of his pictures of jumping bass are iconic.  You may not recognize his name but you’ve certainly seen his photos many times in magazines, books, encyclopedias, calendars, and field guides. 
Doug has traveled with the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History to the headwaters of the Amazon River in eastern Peru in search of fishes unknown to science. He’s joined Jacques Cousteau’s diving team to photograph fishes beneath winter ice in the northern Mississippi River.

Doug is the author and photographer of two books of underwater natural history which were the first of their kind.  His first book, “Underwater-The Northern Lakes”, (University of Wisconsin Press 1977) revealed and explained the clear lake environments in the northern United States. His second book, “The Spring of Florida, (Pineapple Press, Sarasota, 1994) photographs the underwater inhabitants and terrain of the clearest fresh water environments in the world.

It’s truly an honor to welcome the legendary Doug Stamm to this agency.  Doug joins Patrick Clayton, Bryce Gibson, Todd Pearsons, Christopher Morey, Isaac Szabo, Paul Vecsei and Roger Peterson on our “dream team “of the USA’s best freshwater fish photographers.  His work can be licensed for commercial and editorial purposes by contacting us here at Engbretson Underwater Photography.

(Update Jan 17, 2020-Doug has announced his retirement and he's no longer represented by this agency. I wish him all the best and thank him for a lifetime of truly unforgettable images. He remains a source of great inspiration and admiration.)

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