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Friday, December 27, 2019

Best Fish Photographers to Follow on Instagram

If you're like me and enjoy seeing the work of some of the world's best underwater fish photographers, here are five Instagram accounts you need to follow in 2020.  All five of these photographers work in freshwater environments and their talent is truly exceptional. They continually awe and inspire me and just seeing their pictures make me want to grab my mask and wet-suit and head to the nearest lake. I think you'll agree that their work is simply breathtaking.  While freshwater underwater photographers never get the recognition that marine photographers get, I hope you'll support these brilliant individuals by following them on Instagram.

  • Dr. Paul Vecsei has a M.Sc. in ichthyology and a Ph.D. in fisheries and his underwater photos of cold water fish are exceptional. His pictures of Lake Whitefish, lake trout and cisco are without a doubt the finest images ever made of these species in their natural habitat.
  • Isaac Szabo is a very talented and patient shooter who beautifully photographs native fish and other aquatic life of the Ozarks region and the springs of Florida.
  • Jennifer Idol is the first woman to dive all 50 states and is the author of An American Immersion. As an underwater conservation photographer, her pictures and articles are widely published.
  • Dr. Sean Landsman, PhD is a professional fisheries scientist who has beautifully captured many difficult-to-photograph coastal species like American Eel, Alewife, Eastern Brook Trout and Rainbow Smelt.
  • Patrick Clayton is the USA's premier photographer of wild trout from the streams of the American West.
  • Finally, here’s my own Instagram account.  Evidence that I can occasionally take a picture that's actually in focus.