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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lake Tomahawk Muskie on Cover of June 2011 Muskie Magazine

Reprinted from Muskie Magazine, the membership publication of Muskie Inc.
About the COVER:

For the fourth time in the past six years our cover features an underwater muskie photo taken by Eric Engbretson. This one is a tiger muskie photographed in Lake Tomahawk, Oneida County, Wisconsin in early May last year. The size of a fish is always hard to estimate underwater where everything looks about 25% bigger, but this one is around 40 inches.  Eric wrote, “This fish was a real trooper, a very cooperative model that stayed mostly in one place while I took many pictures. We probably spent 15 to 20 minutes together eye to eye, and she waited patiently while I composed every shot.  Every once in a while you meet a fish that behaves like a super model for you. It’s almost like they want their picture taken and they seem to pose for the camera.”  Eric also pointed out an interesting thing about this fish; the jaw, on the right side, has a distinct indentation - possibly an old hook injury or perhaps a deformity?  We hope you enjoy this intriguing underwater photo of a unique muskie.  Eric Engbretson is a professional underwater photographer specializing in images of freshwater game fish in their natural habitat.  You can visit his site to view many other fascinating underwater photos: http://www.underwaterfishphotos.com/