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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fish of the Northern Lakes 2013 Calendar

Cover of Fish of the Northern Lakes 2013 Calendar
Something I'm going to be talking about often in the next few months is my new Fish of the Northern Lakes 2013 Calendar.  Printed by Willow Creek Press, one of the nation's most prestigious calendar companies, this beautiful wall calendar (13" x 21" when fully open) features twelve of my favorite fish images taken underwater in the lakes of Wisconsin.  I'm so excited to be able to offer this calendar at such an affordable price to all the people who have expressed an interest of owning some of my photography.  The calendar sells for $14.99 (plus shipping) and is available now on Amazon.com.  Just click here to order from Amazon.com, or use the buy butom below to order directly from me.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Artificial Fish Habitat

A cluster of Fishiding structures 
David Ewald is the inventor of FishidingFishiding is artificial fish habitat made from unwanted vinyl material destined for landfills.  Fishiding manufactures a variety of structures of different sizes and for different purposes, from large fish-crib like structures for game fish to small "cradles" for fry and juvenile fish. 

David sent me a sampling of his products to test out and photograph.  The structures were placed in a nearby lake in early May, and one in shallow water was immediately appropriated by a largemouth bass who has since built a nest next to it, successfully spawned and is now guarding fry adjacent to the protection the structure provides.

As summer progresses I'll try to document the different fish that use Fishiding and observe how they relate to it.  To view more of my underwater images of Fishiding structures underwater, click here.