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Saturday, August 25, 2012

AFS Conference in St. Paul

Lindsey Bock, from Southern Illinois University Stops By Our Booth at the 2012
American Fisheries Society Conference in St. Paul, MN

Just back from the AFS conference in St. Paul-the world's greatest collection of fish scientists, where we were selling our new Fish Of The Northern Lakes 2013 Calendar.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our little stand to say hi.  It was great meeting so many new fish people and seeing many old acquaintances again.  Especially encouraging was meeting so many of the young graduate students who are on their way to becoming our fish managers of tomorrow. They all seem to have youthful energy, dedication, passion, and they have some brilliant and fresh ideas about improving ways to best manage and protect our fisheries.  I can say without hesitation that the future is in capable hands.   

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Smallmouth Bass Posing

It seems every time I get in a lake these days, I'm greeted enthusiastically by one or more smallmouth bass that follow me around where ever I go.  Smallmouth bass are without a doubt the most curious and social fish I encounter when I'm exploring lakes.  Divers will often report how the smallmouth will trail them around like puppies.  Probably, they're interested in the "little snacks" that are stirred up by a diver's "fin wash".  Some bass will even take live food, like crayfish right from your hand. 

One one lake I like to frequent, I'm met by the same bass on every visit.  (He's easily identified by some unusual scars and marks.)   Today I decided to take  a snapshot of us posing together.