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Friday, December 17, 2010

Thoughts on the 71st Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference

After spending a few days at the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference in Minneapolis with some of the country's top fisheries biologists, I've come away with a renewed appreciation for what these people have been doing.  They're passionate about their work and their commitment towards improving and protecting our fisheries is admirable. 

I think it's easy to be critical of any state's DNR agency or the political aspects of any bureaucratic arm, but when you meet these individuals face to face, the ones who are out in the field doing the work, you will discover that they care about the resources as much if not more than the sportsmen they serve.  The challenges they face every day with dwindling resources and personnel are daunting.   I have nothing but respect and appreciation for these exceptional individuals and the work they do.  These are very special people indeed.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference

I'm excited to be giving a presentation about underwater fish habitat on Tuesday December 14 at the Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference in Minneapolis.   It's always a kick to hang out with fisheries biologists and see what kinds of exciting new developments are happening in their field.  I'll be showing some of my underwater photography to this group and telling them a little about what I typically encounter in the freshwater environments I work in.