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Friday, July 27, 2012

Michigan Free-Diver and Underwater Photographer Chris Morey Joins the Team!

Walleye-Grand Traverse Bay, MI (c)Christopher Morey/Engbretson Underwater Photo
I'm really excited to announce the addition of Christopher Morey to our team of talented underwater photographers here at Engbretson Underwater Photography!  Chris is a skilled free-diver who can hold his breath for 4 minutes!  As you can imagine, this unique ability which represents decades of training can really come in handy when photographing fish.  Since Chris dives without scuba gear, he can silently approach fish without expelling noisy air bubbles which disturb and frighten them.  He's able to stay on the bottom motionless for long periods of time waiting for fish, or move silently among them and be accepted as if he's "one of the school".  Needless to say, this unique skill enables Chris to get some truly exceptional photos especially of fish that are ordinarily wary of divers. 

I'm thrilled to be representing the underwater photography of Christopher Morey which can be licensed for editorial and commercial purposes on my website.  You can view more of Chris's work in the Christopher Morey Gallery on my website.  Chris joins Paul Vecsei, Roger Peterson, Isaac Szabo and myself on the "dream team" here at Engbretson Underwater Photography.