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Sunday, February 27, 2011

3-D Fish Prints Are Selling Like Hotcakes!

A customer at the 3D Picture Store booth at the 2011 Madison Fishing Expo marveling at the amazing 3D effect of the image, tries to reach out and touch the fish in the picture.
 I just got back from the Madison Fishing Expo in Madison, WI where our 3-D Pictures Store booth was swamped all weekend with customers.  Sales were excellent!   It was fun to watch the reaction of people who looked at the 3-D fish pictures and reached out to touch the fish.  Since the fish appear to be "floating outside the picture", your hand seems to go right through them.  It's an interesting effect that brought smiles, giggles and various other exclamations of amazement from the crowd.  I want to personally thank everyone who came by the booth.  I got a chance to meet so many great people there, and I appreciated all the compliments on my underwater fish photography.  Jay from the 3D Picture Store says to stay tuned.  They will be adding more of my fish images to their line-up soon.  Check back here or at The 3D Picture Store soon for updates.

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